Friday, May 15

What I'm Reading

The Monk Upstairs by Tim Farrington

I've wanted to blog more about books, let alone find time to read books more often. One thing I've found is, if I am able to read even for ten minutes before I get kids ready for school, the process of getting kids ready is easier. It may be having a moment for myself first, or it may just be the meditative process of reading, but whatever it is, it's become part of my morning routine.

The Monk Upstairs by Tim Farrington is not for the hardcore atheist. One character is a former monk, and his wife is a lapsed Catholic with a bit of resentment for her upbringing. When the wife's daughter insists on going to Mass with her kind and gentle-to-a-fault stepdad, the mom is a bit put out--she wants to find a "nun with a stick" and show her daughter the kind of Catholicism she grew up with.

This is a domestic story, with grandma and mom and daughter and this strong yet weak guy who bears all and forgives all and yet seems very human. He's not Jesus, there's enough sex in this book to avoid that comparison, but he faces challenges with introspection that has meaning and makes the story more than just a plot driven ride to the end. I'm enjoying it.

Plenty of copies available at Abebooks for a buck plus shipping.

PS I understand the big blog I write for from time to time (like, nightly) will be having a fundraiser soon. Posting will be shorter/lighter while I work on some videos for Mr. Amato. He's a peach.

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