Thursday, April 30

Total Geek mystery item. Can you guess what this is? SOLVED.

Leave your answer in comments. When someone gets it right I'll post your name and answer here.

FranIam is right, it's a knitting pattern, and Nikki? I'll quote Hillary Clinton here and say it's not a DNA sequence as far as I know.

It's shown here in two parts because of space limitations. That might give it away.

BRIAN wins it! I don't expect anyone to guess which season's scarf it is, but it is the pattern for Dr. Who/Tom Baker's Scarf from Season 12 (not seasons 15, 16, or 18, which are completely different and make sure you indicate which version you are knitting on the knit social site Ravelry).

I'm geeking out over here. And Tom is the only real Dr. Who imho.


  1. It's a moss covered three handled family grudunza.

  2. Paint chips numbered for their pleasure quotient.

  3. I'm completely guessing - and I'll probably end up looking like a dumbass - but oh well.

    Is it a DNA sequence?

  4. A knitting pattern! Pretty!

  5. looks like my computer defragging

  6. It's a pattern for the scarf worn by Tom Baker (4th Doctor Who), innit?

  7. random stripe generator (is it Fibonacci, too?) for a stripey cardigan out of DK-weight de-stashed wool!


  8. Hooray for me!

    I actually think David Tennant is great as the Doctor - I absolutely refuse to pick a favorite between him and Tom. Peter Davison would probably come in right behind them. A Time Lord who wears a piece of celery on his lapel is clearly a force to be reckoned with.

    I wish I knew someone who knew how to knit....

  9. I told you I was gonna look like a dumbass! LOL - you said Geek I went Science...


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