Monday, April 13

Good morning.

Kids come home from their spring break trip this afternoon. I've been happy busy this week, sewing, cleaning (yeah), knitting and visiting. Plus the fabulous Blog Against Theocracy (submit here, ends today). I want to do a lot more next year to promote that with the corporate media, and I could use some help. Brainstorm on that if you will...


And I sometimes feel like a failure for having moved from the congressional district of Spencer "socialists are taking over Congress" Bachus to the congressional district of John "Bible will say when the world ends and I've got the 'energy' industry campaign dollars to prove it" Shimkus**. I'm le tired.

** Exelon and Ameren sound like such nice, generous, caring electric and gas utilities. BTW, Shimkus also says capping C02 emissions will "steal plant food." I'm sure he meant, COAL plants, people!


  1. taylorbad4:54 PM

    Even you, Blue Gal, cannot carry the weight of failure on others' behalf. It ain't seemly.

  2. Spencer was stripped of his chairmanship shortly before the GOP lost control for being widely seen as being supremely incompetent for the role.

    I wish the folks back home would think the same way.


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