Tuesday, April 14

Bill O'Reilly know$ my $ecret $ource of ca$h!

Seriously folks, I wanted to get Blog Against Theocracy over with before I did my quarterly fundraiser. Because times are SO tough right now I'm only asking those with five bucks to give, to give it here.

This button will ONLY allow five dollar donations. (There is a button on the sidebar that will allow more, thanks, but for the fundraiser I'm only asking for five dollar donations).

I ask for contributions four times a year not because it pays for anything more than toner and coffee for a week or so, but because it gives the writer in me and the reader in you a sense of mutual appreciation and exchange for value. If you have it to give, and appreciate what I do, kick five bucks in the hat. And thanks much for being here at my corner of the internet.


  1. I threw in a bit for the coffee. Ah, coffee. Hope you get enough for toner and then some.

  2. When our super secret George Soros grant comes through, we're going to use it to give free Bill O'Reilly Can Suck It t-shirts to everyone.


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