Thursday, April 16

My favorite tea party pic.

So she's....a poop? Don't tell my kids: they're at that age and will never stop laughing. Image from here.

So then I made this:

They don't need my hits, but Red State Update is definitely worth a watch today.


  1. How stupid is the right wing? That sign says it all.

  2. Prisoner of their own deluded thinking, more like.

  3. POOP: They that smelt it dealt it.

  4. Anonymous5:43 PM

    And I bet that if you were to ask Miss Poopy Poopypants Bo-poop what those policies she was a prisoner of were, she would have no answer. Only poop streaming out of her poop filled head. Poop. I like to say poop. POOOOOOOOOOOP!


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