Thursday, April 30

As I was saying, Sarah Palin will win primaries in 2012...

I don't think it's just Pat Buchanan who is excited about the prospect. If she gets a little erudition training (not TOO much you betcha) her shrinky-dink party in the oven will justify her based on idological purity, ahem.

Kudos to Sherry who gave me the idea for "Rush Limbaugh's ideological purity balls" yesterday. No, I don't want to see a photoshop of that. No I don't.


  1. check out this re-direct


  2. Agi, love that redirect. Brilliantoso!.

    BG: hello.

    PS: can I borrow some of your smarts for my last two semesters of grad school. I hate working.

  3. Sarah Palin-Tonya harding 2012!
    As I was sayin, Jenny Jones will make a bitchin secretary of state!

  4. thanks. i think pat b. is as they say,"pitching a tent" at the idea of palin running.

  5. Anonymous4:53 PM

    Why is that when you left wing nuts don't have any facts you resort to name calling? By the way who really cares if you do not like Sarah we do!!!!

  6. snuffella8:28 PM

    Trollie troller...find another site.....

  7. Anonymous8:22 AM

    The Anonymous troll is funny because there actually is not a single instance of "name calling" in this post or the comments.


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