Wednesday, April 29

Wow. They are Sarah Palin.

I've been thinking a lot about Palin since Senator Specter changed parties yesterday. (Sorry, Senator Lieberman once we get to sixty you're not even allowed to caucus with us anymore.) The core of Specter's message yesterday, not between the lines but on the page, is that the Republican base is batshit crazy. They care far more about ideological purity than about winning elections. Said Specter: "I am unwilling to have my 29-year Senate record judged by the Pennsylvania Republican primary electorate."

That the only Republicans "left behind" are religious right, global warming denying, anti-immigration purists opens the door, wide and windy, for Sarah Palin to win primaries in 2012. We may laugh at the "I am Sarah Palin" video now, but, um, they are.

Sistah-hood, bitchez!

I downloaded this one from the 2008 campaign just in case it falls down the memory hole. Nevermind the comedy gold of Pammy standing up for what's right (wing) in front of a giant bikini butt painting.

I don't know how to tell my readers this:

I am not Sarah Palin.

It's so hard to prove a negative, but maybe this image will work?

Oh gosh, you betcha, that's just liberal elitism.


  1. And just in case the card doesn't work, show 'em your album cover.


  2. They have to expire in order to be reborn. Caribou Barbie will be their death knell everywhere but Dixieland and the Aryan Nations west.

  3. Pam sure knows how to keep it classy.

  4. All I can say...79% of Americans identify as something OTHER THAN Republican.

    Arlen is dead on, and his artfully done exit is a mortal wound to the party. They will foreseeable future be a powerless "cult" with or without Sarah at the helm.

    Lest we should forget, she is a joke. Imagine if John McCain does as invited by Rush today, and switches to the Democratic party!? Talk about a secret weapon against the idiocy that is Sarah Palin. And...A truly deadly defection. Just think on the ramifications of such a party abandonment by the man that was just the torch bearer a few months ago. I think Rush should be very careful who he challenges to leave, as he is in fact the main reason the middle-party members are bailing.

  5. Oh, dear, bluegal. While anyone who's read your blog already knows you unquestionably technically qualify for MENSA - and then some, do you really want to be a dues-paid member of an organization for smarties whose American founders (not the Brits who originally started it) didn't recognize what the word means (colloquially) to millions of our closest neighbors?

    Just FYI, ya know. ;o)

  6. Can we make tee shirts that say "I am not Sarah Palin"

    That would be rad :P

  7. I'm not Sarah Palin either. I'm a card carrying vertebrate. Oops, I wasn't going to get personally insulting, but Specter is correct (about losing elections) and she is exhibit A in the evidence against far-right Republican electability. Vice President is a serious job, and John Cleese called it right when he likened her aptitude to that of a well trained parrot. But she is who McCain had to run with. Really? She is who you want? I was laughing at the time, but now I'm finding it a little troubling. Like it or not, we are a two party system, so shouldn't we have to have two functioning parties? I mean, to do the job of running the country? That's what is bothering me about them: they pull this extreme bullshit and get crushed in the election, and then because things didn't go their way they refuse to do the jobs they still have. If you don't like being in the minority you could try running a candidate that people will actually vote for, and sorry Sarah, but you ain't it.

    -Doug in Oakland

  8. I love reading liberal loon's blogs. Even better, I love the commenters, like Jolly Roger.

    "Dixieland" conjures up images of the "old south" which was 100 percent democrat.

    And with the "Aryan nation" comment, I'm pretty sure this particular loon means to imply conservatives are racist.

    Go read some history. The White Nights of the Ku Klux Klan, was formed by the DEMOCRAT party, in "Dixieland" after the Civil War. Their mission was to destroy the Republican party, and as such, the Government. They were the domestic terrorists of the day.

    You know, like Bill Ayers and his convicted felon cop killing wife are the domestic terrorists of our time.

    The democrat party has ALWAYS been filled with KKK members. In fact, the longest serving democrat in the Senate, Robert Byrd of WV, was a high ranking member of the Klan.

    Remember this, Dr Martin Luther King was a republican, who was harassed by democrats, like Bobby Kennedy, through the FBI (Kennedy was attorney general)and murdered by a white DEMOCRAT! (Klan)

    In fact, most of the "progressive movement" has been centered around the Klan.

    Woodrow Wilson, a big "progressive" hero, was Klan.

    Margret Sanger, the founder of Planned Parenthood. Klan

    In fact, Sanger's work in eugenics is what inspired Hitler and the Nazis to do the hideous experimentation they did, and eventually led the to institute the Holocaust.

    Of course, the Nazi Party was socialist, just like our brand new loser president, and the democrat party of today.

    As for Sarah Palin, she is one of the brightest stars this nation has seen in decades. Someone of actual accomplishment and record. Not the empty suit that sits at 1600 Pennsylvania ave currently (and very temporarily)

    Sarah Palin will be the next President of the United States.

    And Arlen Specter, good riddance! The guy, just like John McCain, has been in the wrong party all along. He always votes with the democrats on key legislation.

    The only reason he made it official, is because the Pennsylvania voters were NOT going to nominate him. He was not going to win re-election. He thinks now that he might, as a democrat. However, look for him to have a dem challenger, as well.

    BTW, Specter did the same thing years ago, as he was a longtime democrat, and switched to the republican party, just to get elected. He's just the typical opportunist politician, nothing more, nothing less.

  9. How about a video full of men saying "I am NOT voting for Sarah Palin".

  10. Gary are you fucking serious?

    Sarah Palin = Brightest Stars?

    Seriously? You must have missed that "Can you name some of books and newspapers you read?" interview with Katie Couric. Me thinks you are just here trolling. How can anyone take you serious when you say stuff like Sarah Palin is a bright star, maybe shiny, but "bright" surely you jest.

    You are correct about the democrats being part of the Klu Klux Klan. But they moved on to the Republican party when the Dems decided to clean up their party image. Which of course, Clinton then proceeded to burn to the ground at the end of his second term.

    Then all the nut jobs followed when Rove when his genius mind decided that the party needed to pray on mindless evangelicals. Rove is super smart, but bad for this country as is Cheney.

    I wish someone would shut both their asses up already...Cheney got his 8 years to be president. Yeah, that's a joke, I realize that Shrub was elected, but I'm pointing at who actually ran and (stole) I mean profited from his time in office.

  11. Oh, Gary. Gary, Gary, Gary. I'd like to introduce myself and perhaps chat a while...but mom always told me not to play with my food before I eat it. So, without further ado:

    "And with the "Aryan nation" comment, I'm pretty sure this particular loon means to imply conservatives are racist."Nothing gets by you, does it?

    "Go read some history. The White Nights of the Ku Klux Klan, was formed by the DEMOCRAT party, in "Dixieland" after the Civil War. Their mission was to destroy the Republican party, and as such, the Government. They were the domestic terrorists of the day.

    You know, like Bill Ayers and his convicted felon cop killing wife are the domestic terrorists of our time."
    You live in the 1960s? Most of us have moved on from there/then. But whatever floats your boat, I suppose.

    The democrat party has ALWAYS been filled with KKK members.Er...yeah. The South has always been full of racist white folks (trust me, I live here). Not all white southerners are racists, but - as you pointed out - the south certainly has more than their fair share of the country's racists. So, at the risk of getting a little too precious here, I might suggest that reading a little history would do you a world of good. It was called "the Southern Strategy," popularized by Kevin Phillips, and embraced whole-hawg by Nixon.

    Oh, and....apologized for, formally, by Ken Mehlman while he was RNC chair. And speaking of apologies, while it's true that Robert Byrd belonged to the Klan about 600,000 years ago, he's also apologized for it many, many times, not to mention fully repudiated that part of his past. Byrd says "I apologized a thousand times . . . and I don't mind apologizing over and over again."

    So, while the party affiliation of the south shifted dramatically over the years, starting in the '60s up through even today, going from Dixiecrat Blue to the reddest of the red, the actual ideological base hasn't really changed all that much. What accounts for the massive switch in party affiliation? The parties themselves changed. The Democrats adopted more and more the ideology of east coast liberalism, Kennedy-style, civil rights, and the lot, and the Republicans - quite consciously - made a Faustian bargain to scoop up the disaffected racists in the south (and, to a lesser extent, elsewhere), who no longer felt in sync with the changing Democratic party.

    History. It's not just for breakfast (or sound bites) anymore.

    Sarah Palin will be the next President of the United States.Maybe in the late 1960s, Gary. Not today. But knock yourself out trying that. :o)

    Now. Don't you have a bridge somewhere you need to crawl back under? Sunlight's bad for the complexion of someone of your persuasion, I hear.

  12. You're not Sara Palin?

    What am I doing here?

  13. When I originally saw this, I wanted to gather as many Obama supporters as I could and make a video called "I Am Not Barack Obama". The reason being is that people within the progressive/liberal movement have individuality and something of worth to contribute to their cause. The flipside of the coin is the fring-conservative movement that have to latch on to gimmicks, such as Palin. They prefer a "pretty face" and something that "sounds good" rather than substance. All this makes me wish I had done this video instead of just thinking about it.

  14. Occasionally, it amuses me to drop by "progressive" sites to observe the gloating and general Palin bashing.

    I'm in no hurry, though, because it will last until the 2010 elections.

    Enjoy yourselves until then.

  15. Anonymous5:02 PM

    Blue Gsl - It appears that you have chosen Sarah Palin as your target to attract the liberal bottom-feeders. Surely, a blogger with your level of intelligence would be able to select a less hackneyed topic. Everyone is burned out on reading gossip and criticism. Give us some inspiration based on something that is newsworthy - like Sarah's accomplishments and continued popularity.

  16. wow that video was nuts-literally! I mean-figuring in that female empowerment stuff while the people who would most likely vote for Palin think women should not work outside the home, and not have any opinions-unless those opinions are those of "their men." sick. twisted. This is comedy. And speaking of comedy...Gary...Gaarrry! Where are you? Gary?


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