Thursday, April 23

How "curse of the boyfriend sweater" claims its victims

1. Insists that her bf pick out a perfect sweater pattern for himself. Shows him thirty-five or so "options."

2. Opens up several crates of yarn to show him more "options" for yarn but he can't possibly want brown or navy.

3. Knits the sweater during NFL football games, interrupting fourth down for a "fitting" or two while the sweater is in progress.

4. Rips out the sweater halfway through because she doesn't like the combination of yarn and pattern. Picks out a pattern she DOES like, after all, knitter's choice.

5. Gives him the new sweater based on the new pattern she picked out. Points out how much of a "labor of love" it was to make.

6. He breaks up with her, she runs to her knitting circle. See? Curse of the boyfriend sweater.

I am heavily indebted to this Knitty post. Sweater pic from "Bad Sweater Guy," naturally.


  1. Anonymous2:57 PM

    Jeanne and I though of you over the weekend when we walked into a quilt store and discovered an HUGH backroom packed from floor to wall plus racks and rack of yarn.

    "Blue Gals would cream in her jeans to see this" my gentle wife muttered.


  2. Yeah, that sweater is break up worthy.

  3. Understand, my friend, I would wear that, and it would work.

  4. There is no intersection of "fun to knit" and "man will like". sadly.

  5. I have a very nice sweater made from Irish wool that my bride made for me. Fortunately none of that goofy sh*t you describe happened during its manufacture.

  6. Options? Never a good idea when art is involved.

  7. My mother made a hideous sweater for me (it started out for my older brother... she was a slow knitter) and I had to wear it. My brother took one look at it, and graciously said, "Sorry 'Grain, but I dodged that bullet."




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