Sunday, April 26


I didn't know until this morning that for real, there are people in this country who think 'our morals' are going to hell in a handbasket because Miss California was deprived of her crown over her stand over gay marriage but let's not talk about torture as a moral issue because, you know, talking politics in a mixed group is not polite.


Also too, Brit Hume. I don't need to put a verb in that sentence, now, do I? Though "drives me to drink" almost works.


  1. hey BG.

    So you know what gets me. It's two fold:

    1. guys are represented as uncommunicative, unresponsive, off subject, drinking goofballs that don't care for the needs of their partners.

    2. Women are represented as needy (like she has to vent to him to feel better cause she's got no one or nothing else), whinny (the fact she doesn't say hello and neither does he and she asks can I vent) and soft spoken. Just look at her face when she's like, Mind if I vent for a while? She looks like a little kid asking daddy for something that she knows daddy doesn't wanna give her but if she uses her hurt puppy face, daddy will cave in bc he is a robot.

    Okay, that's what bothers me about T.V. and one of the millions of reasons that I do not have one.

  2. What got me about that ad is my immediate gut feeling, based on my age and experience only, that there are many times when a guy with a beer is just as nice as a guy with an ear. And that you CAN have both in one package lol.

  3. Awe yes, the perils of not living in the coastal states.

    Miss California was not eloquent and factually incorrect. Why would anyone think she aced the Q&A section?

    Totally ridicuous! Oh, but I do have lots of nice articles about torture on my blog including some interviews with interrogators.

    I grew up around the DLI, so I know some people who are most likely interrogators. Although, they are not really allowed to say.

  4. Miss California will no doubt show up as an anchor on some local Fox News outlet. Her response no doubt served as her audition.

  5. I think we probably have ourselves a new Hasselbeck, only this one is going to make the original Hasselbeck look like a MENSA member.

    Gosh, I can hardly wait.

  6. Anonymous7:32 AM

    Vapid is as Vapid does.

    Coors beer commercials always rank very high on the vapid scale and beauty queens, well nuf said.

    You mixed your mediators perfectly.


  7. mmmm.... you threw me with the brit hume thing. i thought you were going to say that he drives drunk- 'cause that's how he looks most of the time. :)


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