Wednesday, June 2

About that Nun....

...the one who saved a woman's life by terminating the woman's pregnancy? And the nun got...EXCOMMUNICATED!?!

She's got a friend in Jesus, and more particularly, his mom:

Really, the Mother of God is fixing to set her "sit in time out" countdown clock on Ratzinger to infinity.

Don't get me started about that homosexual Cardinal Law and the fact that he has a cushy protected job at the Vatican and they won't allow justice for all the victims of all the male priests he protected from rape charges over the years, but it takes two minutes to kick out a nun who saves a woman's life. What colossal Church-destroying criminals they are.


  1. Bernard Cardinal Law deserves to be duck-taped to the wall next to Benny with a glory hole strategically placed where they can do penance for their sins.

  2. Anyone ever tell you you had a way with words, BG?

    Good one, girl.


    Now if we could only get all the rest of the smart women to start commenting on this "masculine" phenomena.


    colossal Church-destroying criminals they are.

  3. What a double standard! This story upsets me so much. I have very little experience with the Catholic experience, but this boggles the mind.

    I'm glad that this story isn't staying under the rug. Thank you.

  4. This is the final straw for me. I was a black sheep of the christian faith, but this is just flat out wrong.
    The bull headed bishop who made this decision said "a child is not a disease".

    The choice here was for either both the Mom & baby die, or the baby die.
    This mom is a parent of 4 other kids.
    Letting the Mom die would have meant 5 motherless children- **if** the baby would have even survived.

    I've heard several bio-ethicists say she made the most ethical decision.

    The Bishop who is hung up on abortion in general is too biased to even recognize a life & death situation for the Mother does not matter?

    The Mother is a know viable life with 4 dependents.
    The baby was an unknown.

    Furthermore- having an abortion is legal, unlike Sexual predatory crimes the Priests are allowed to commit.

  5. Thanks BG for saying, time and again, things that need to be said. What hypocrites Ben and Bernie are. As for a glory hole for them, that wouldn't be penance for them, that would be pleasure. Let's think stockade instead.

  6. gil mann11:28 AM

    Church-destroying criminals

    Point taken, but this wording strikes me as a tad oxymoronic.


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