Monday, June 28

Somebody had to do it. (PHOTOSHOP)

As one analyst put it, re the Kagan Hearings: "There are a thousand ways to say nothing." Only a thousand?


  1. Why not a "Lady Caca" (Sarah Palin)

  2. Yep, it's a dirty job, but somebody had to do it.

  3. In looking at Kagan, it's like we're looking at Obama all over again, only without the glare of the Bush/Cheney horrible searchlights/interrogation lights blasting our eyes with a million lumens. So we can see (one hopes) a little more clearly what we are choosing.

    Myself, I think Obama's a hollow man and I think Kagan's a hollow man (woman).

    But better a hollow woman than a Justice Roberts or Scalia or Alito-- three justices from Mordor.

    In the age of Obama, while the ice caps melt and the worldwide middle class is forced to start thinking about which side they'll be on when the billions take up arms against the millions, one takes what one can get.

  4. As Dean at Harvard Law, Kagan's main responsibilities consisted in fellating wealthy donors, and mediating with contentious Alums (for their money). She was (and is) a sold-out mediocrity, a paper shuffling CorpoRatist fund-raiser, and a judicial cypher who is not as "progressive" as the moderate REPUBLICAN she has bean named to replace.

    She'll be confirmed, of course, just as soon as the Senatorial kabuki of "opposition" is exhausted.

  5. I'm amazed you have the patience to listen to the hearings.


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