Sunday, June 20

A "Scriptural" Reading for Father's Day

So wonderful: "Lamentations of the Father" by Ian Frazier. If you are a dad with small kids, I suggest reading it aloud.


  1. StonyPillow6:04 PM

    And yet, despair not over the lamentation of the father
    Nor worry overmuch for his concern.
    The desire of man to control is perennial as the grass,
    It reaches toward the heavens as the bloom of the flower.
    But control over all is not granted to man.
    Gird your loins, O man, to control yourself.
    It is enough.

    A family becomes whole through prayer,
    Through common work and common struggle,
    Shared joys and shared sorrows.
    Unity of soul cannot be forced,
    Nor established by command.
    Unity is freely given as love is freely given.
    Be at peace, patriarch. You are loved.
    It is enough.

  2. Truly, I sayeth unto thee, my just and worthy liege, that was kick-ass.

  3. StonyPillow6:01 AM

    Wow, that was strong wine. Beg pardon, guv'nor.


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