Wednesday, July 28

About that defense contractor on trial for fraud

About that defense contractor on trial for buying porn, prostitutes, race horses, Aerosmith for his daughter's bat mitzvah, plastic surgery for the wife, a one-hundred-thousand dollar bejewelled American flag belt buckle, not to mention allegedly defrauding investors by falsifying the value of his inventory, and providing defective body armor to US troops in the Middle East:

Eventually, the Pentagon broke DHB’s monopoly to speed up production, but that wasn’t the end of the military’s problems with the company. Over the course of 2005, the Marines and Army recalled a total of 23,000 vests – all of them produced by DHB -- after an investigation by the Marine Corps Times revealed that the vests had failed ballistics tests for stopping 9 mm bullets. The exposé showed that Pentagon officials had dismissed repeated warnings by inspectors. In one instance, army ballistics expert James MacKiewicz alerted higher-ups of “major quality assurance deficiencies” by DHB and recommended rejecting certain lots of vests and “disciplinary action against the contractor.

Disciplinary action? This guy is compromising my convictions regarding capital punishment. How about this modest proposal....

P.S. I wonder if their stock in Robert Graham Shirts is down. Fuckers.


  1. Too good for him, I'd say...

  2. The wife's plastic surgery should garner addition indictments. For malpractice. The surgeon needs to suffer for the butchery to that poor woman's face. And to think her husband went to all the trouble of defrauding us and all he got was this crumby facelift. It's doubly sad, just like her chins.

  3. that is one sweet belt buckle. and those chains ain't nothing to sneeze at either.

    bet he has a corvette, too.

    you know what they say about rednecks, and money.

    never give them any.

  4. War profiteering has gone along with war since the start of our nation's history. That's another reason to avoid getting into so many wars in the first place.

  5. AEROSMITH? Feh - for my daughter (if I had one) it's the Allmans.

  6. s. douglas: I don't think he's a redneck. Just a greedy motherfucker who, one hopes, gets what's coming to him.

  7. Nothing wrong with a Corvette if it's your own money that buys it. And I don't think anyone gave him the money, he took it falsely.

    I guess that's how some people get their money, someone has to give it to them.


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