Friday, July 30

Watch out. @KathyGriffin just peed her panties.

Not just because apparently Levi's ex-girlfriend (no, the other one) is preggers, but because of this tidbit:

“Levi insists the baby isn’t his, but no one really knows for sure,” a source told exclusively.

“Levi is one of three possible fathers who were with Lanesia during the probable week of conception.”

Kathy and I both knew this before: fertility is wasted on the wrong bitchez.

Anyone that wants to accuse me of slut shaming? Fuck you ahead of time. And you're welcome.


  1. The problem with teaching abstinence-only education is hormones.

  2. I was prepared to be accused of slut-shaming myself after putting it this way in last night's news roundup at my place:

    Sordid and Sad Now that Levi and Bristol are back together and engaged again, the news breaks that the lass Levi was hooking up with - Bristol's (former) BFF - while he and Bristol were split is pregnant - and she thinks that Levi might be the baby-daddy. And, the tabloid press reports, she is extremely embarrassed that she isn't sure who sired the child without a DNA test. Which begs the question...has he ever even been in the same zip code as a female that possesses even a modicum of class or self-respect? Until evidence to the contrary is presented, we are going to go with "No."

    I rather wonder, though, how we are supposed to shame a little slut who is, apparently, utterlly shameless.

  3. I don't consider it slut-shaming.

    I consider it rightfully fearing for a baby's future.

    Can't they put in a bowling alley or a roller rink or something so kids have something else to do up there?

  4. It's like "Idiocracy" the intelligent have fewer and smarter children, but the morons spread their seed all over the planet.
    I think they have skiing,snowmobiling and helicopter wolf hunting as opposed to bowling alleys....

  5. Denny Smith8:40 AM

    Christ almighty, Carville was right, ....ya' drag a dollar through a trailer park and....

    An entire family of trailer trash.
    Now Newt is out saying the Refudiator is indeed gonna' run in 2012? Why would he say that? There ain't a chance in hell that's gonna' happen. He must have some type of agenda, that greasy pig.

  6. Shame, schmame...Levi's demonstrated penchant for barebacking is a potential 50% of the equation.
    An onlooker might think it fair to assume that he'd taken one too many concussion-inducing crosschecks at the rink not to 'get it' after the first time he became the national posterboy for abstinence that Mama Grizzly never wanted...Maroon.


  7. Denny Smith4:30 PM

    Just a thought: how about a post entitled:
    "Trailer Parkin' with the Palins"?

    Can't hurt, might be fun.


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