Saturday, July 10

Team #Rachel @Maddow

Meet The Press tomorrow morning is Rachel Maddow and David Brooks on the panel...

Bwa ha ha ha ha ha ha.

And I'm on Kink On Tap talking sex and politics at 8 Eastern Sunday Night. Hope to see some bg readers in the chat room. (There is no actual sex in the chat room. But you knew that.)

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  1. Denny Smith5:45 PM

    Just heard the latest DGBG podcast. You people are so good.
    But alas, my blues remain.
    Drifty's point about protests being effective only if we hit 'em in the pocketbooks: sure.
    How? The only successful boycott in recent memory is Rucker's against Beck, and that moron is still on the air and growing?
    I can't imagine how to organize one. I remain committed to the idea of taking it to the streets.
    Nothing else is working.
    My Best......


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