Friday, July 16

The Original Memory Hole

Remember when all those pesky Tea Party protesters used to crash our marches with outrageous signs just to make us hippies look bad?

It worked out so well for them. [Update: Heather has video of this.]

WILLIAMS: It’s impossible — it’s impossible for there to be a racist element in the tea party, you don’t get it! The tea party is about human rights, it’s about the United States constitution. The United States constitution mankind’s foremost human rights document.

[MSNBC's Tameron] HALL: What about the signs of the president as an African with a bone in his nose? What is that? Is that about the constitution?

WILLIAMS: Those signs were brought by Crash the Tea party, the coalition of anti-tea party groups, google crashed the tea party. You will find it all there. ... Buy my book!

Madam, I'm Adam. I didn't do it, she made me eat the apple!

PS what you find when you google "tea party crashers" under google blog search is a circle jerk of right wing blogs frothing over alleged fake signs.

Honestly people you can tell the fake signs immediately because

liberals know how to spell.

I'm all for tea party crashing. I just think we should do it naked.


  1. Hey! The tea party is all about less government. Personally , I hope they have a strong showing so they can successfully divide the repuglican party & be sound election spoilers.
    I hope Palin is the reigning Queen & both tea & GOP parties go down in flames.
    But that's just me. One can hope!

  2. Is racism still alive and well in America? Yes. And here is why:

  3. The interview on MSNBC was amazing...a little like watching a train wreck. Great post, and the perfect distinction between liberals and Teabaggers. I just want to get at their signs with a red pen and edit the spelling and grammar. I can't help it!

    Terrific post, as always.


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