Thursday, July 22

This is an outrage.

I am outraged at PayPal.

That Pammy Atlas has had her PayPal account reinstated, but Jesus General has not, because his blog is allegedly some sort of...hate site?

Are you kidding me?

I wrote to Paypal using their contact form (login required)

I just want to say with all due respect for your anti-hate policies, and I certainly get those, that banning the SATIRICAL website Jesus General, but reinstating the non-satirical website Atlas Shrugs, you've lost a lot of credibility with the blogosphere.

I have no direct connection with either blog, but I hope you'll reconsider JC Christian (really, he's not actually "Jesus 11 on a manly scale of absolute gender" as if).

It's unfortunate you were bullied into reinstating Atlas, but if you had to do that, keeping an obvious prankster off of your rolls looks as if you don't do your homework at all and let a right wing mob decide your policies.

With all good wishes to you and your hard-working staff,

PS. It doesn't help their case that after the Ft. Hood shootings, Pammy Atlas posted the absolute worst photoshop ever. I really have a hard time linking to it.

UPDATE: It appears Pammy Atlas is using something called GPal for payment. They are not affiliated with PayPal and are apparently owned by a number of defense contractors and gun manufacturer/salesmen. No women or minorities appear on their "About" page. Maybe Jesus General could bring his "11 on the manly scale" to their attention.


  1. totally 'shopped. Aligators always eat babies head first.

    But I'm only guessing.



  2. I had not heard of this site until now. So I went over and checked it out. If it isn't a hate site, then there are no hate sites. I can't figure out why PalPay would reinstate it.

    Also, as a graphic artist I agree, one of the worse photoshops...ever. Who the deuce does this woman think she is kidding?

    I don't know if you know, but PalPay does have a political campaign pay division. Possibly this explains it?

  3. Ooh, that Pammy shoppe is a bad one. Looks like one I might have done (wrong politics, though).

    How ya doing?

  4. Oh, and Tengrain's probably right about the gator . . . speaking as someone who has seen his share of reptiles eating mammals.

  5. Time for the General to move to a new service. Does anyone know anything about:


    Just Give

    Network for Good

    to name a few?


  6. Anonymous11:29 AM

    I was staying at the Ameristar Casino in Blackhawk Co. about a month ago. I opened up my laptop and logged on to their wi-fi net. It installed what I thought was an innocuous login protocol. When I clicked on my JG shortcut, a full blue screen page popped up that said "The site you are trying to access is being blocked because it is a hate on this link to remove...." My favorite General has really pissed some people off..
    I ran a reg. cleaning program to get rid of the spyware.
    Lesson to people logging in to what should be private wifi hotspots..."they" are watching.....


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