Thursday, July 8

Theatre Candy

I know it is unnecessary for me to say this to regular readers of this blog, however:

Sharron Angle does not speak for me or, I dare say, most Americans, Christian or otherwise. To indicate that an impregnated child incest victim should "make lemonade" out of their situation is callous and hateful, and in contradiction to both the teachings of Jesus Christ and the established laws of our nation.

May her destructive, moldy fundamentalism be cleansed from the nation's discourse by sunlight. Amen.


  1. Take Angle's lemonade and Savage's lemonade and I am trying to figure out if the right wing is demanding that rapists pay money to the girls OR victims should have to pay $$$ to the rapists?

  2. She's a real piece of work.

  3. She's a real piece of shit, too.

  4. The lemonade comment might be the most awful thing anyone has ever said.

  5. She is disturbing indeed.


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