Tuesday, November 30

Cokie Roberts is at it again.

Yesterday morning Steve Inskeep hosted Cokie Roberts and her weekly "analysis" on NPR's Morning Edition, emphasis mine:
INSKEEP: Well, Democrats and Republicans may not be on the same side, but at least they'll be in the same room when President Obama meets some of the Republican leaders in Congress this week.
ROBERTS: And this is you know, you'd think that this was a summit meeting with the worst enemies, you know. This has taken so long to happen, with Republicans postponing the meeting and saying they felt that they were dissed when the president came to their retreat last year and all of that. So they're going to finally sit down and meet together. Whether anything comes of it or not, it's hard to say.
It's hard to imagine, because the conversation since the election has hardly been one where Republicans have been reaching out to the administration and to Democrats. Now the president has tried to keep his own rhetoric very mild mannered and to talk about working across party lines, but he's doing that in the face of a lot of opposition inside his own party. So this is just it's hard to see that anything is going to come out of this other than some picture-taking.

I love this "conversation since the election" BS, with no mention of TWO YEARS of obstruction from the GOP.

But she really gets her quill on when she blames the base for refusing to work "across party lines."  Really, Cokie?  Two words, Cokie:   Jon Kyl.    Really. 

Is it even possible that Cokie is unaware how thoroughly she is rewriting history?  The Republicans were not "dissed" at their summit last year, they were what is known as "pwned."  It's known by at least one commenter as the "Baltimore pistol whipping".  Obama remained a grown up while people like Mike Pence insisted on across the board tax cuts and Obama said pay for it and Pence and the rest of them choked on their own lack of reality-based thinking.  They were completely shown up, completely embarrassed, and they were NOT going to allow THAT to happen again.   PS, It was so devastating that Driftglass and I did a bonus podcast on it.  

Oh, I think I'll make that three words, Cokie.  "Bite my butt." 


  1. Out-f*cking-standing!!!

  2. Wow...I'm a slouch! I haven't kept track of ol' Cokie, since she left the network Sunday AM talk shows! You've got it dialed, Blue Gal...What alternate universe do these repos live in? If I want real reporting I have to check out the Canadian newspapers. So sad. in the mean time, since no one will take on the half-gov who sets a new level for stupidity...here's to wishing Sarah Palin would go on a lovely hunting trip with Dick Cheney.

  3. Blue Gal, you've got it dialed. Sad but true...haven't heard from Cokie since she left the network Sunday AM talk shows. I never thought the 'media' could be bigger whores than they were a few years back...boy was I wrong! Seems no one cares about 'facts' any longer, just opinions-reporting we get has little bearing on actual news. If I want to find out what's going on, I go to Canadian newspapers. Yikes! Keep it up, we need the fresh air.

  4. That dried up ol' media whore is still around? Who did she fuck that she's still on the tv?

  5. Anonymous10:17 PM

    Twice said, and twice right.

    You're spot-on again, BG. NPR's peeps are increasingly vapid in their appraisals of what's going on around them. It's good of you to stay on top of this, as most of us aren't paying quite as close attention.


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