Thursday, November 18

A message for Mama Grizzly

From Engrish Funny blog.

I generally don't like judging other people's parenting skills.  Lord knows I'm not perfect.

Willow Palin and her classmates on Facebook need to be told that using words like "gay" and "fa##ot" are not only make YOU the bully who pushes other kids to suicide, they show you to be lacking in class. 

Most of us have little tape loops we inherit from our mothers, that run through our heads and out of our mouths when we're parenting.  My favorite from my mom is,


There's a very important WE there.  The standards are FAMILY standards that apply to me as well as to the children.   And kids know when behaving is about living up to a family (and yes, societal) standard and when it's all about keeping mommy's cashflow and Q score going.  

Bristol apologized and Willow deleted her fb account, and apparently the right wing is going on about "she's just a teen," conveniently forgetting their collective freakout about Malia Obama's peace sign t-shirt.  

Palin is right.  There's a total double standard at work here.  Her kids are behaving like unsupervised trash, and other people's kids are not.

PS I actually like the way TMZ handled this story.  The video may be scripted, but having the staff discuss the issue and its pros and cons (yes she is 16, but what parent lets their child use slurs in public?) showed more class than Grifty McQuitter has apparently passed on to the next generation.


  1. I search my memory for something "classy" about Scary Sary but find the cupboard bare.

    What possibly could she be passing on to her tribe other than rightwingnut conversation and prejudices?


    showed more class than Grifty McQuitter has apparently passed on to the next generation.

  2. It's true and our Mom's were right as you are with this!

  3. Love the graphic!!!

    My mom's was "Don't embarass me." And that tape still runs through my mind sometimes and keeps me focused -- and I'm 63!

    My kids are no longer kids and they can tell you that a kid who acted like the Palin offspring at our house would not last too long. Their dad and I had a few hard and fast rules that were sacrosanct.

    I have a T-shirt my daughter gave me that reads: Don't make me send out my flying monkeys because I used to start lectures with "Now I know that I'm the Wicked Witch of the West but . . ." LOL

    I'm delighted to say that my grands are well-behaved and well-mannered and make grandma proud.

    And oh yeah, I checked out some vids of DWTS after reading rumors from AK that Bristol was preggers and I noticed that her face has gotten fuller and there's a bump. So much for abstinence. Most people lose weight from the intense training.

  4. Back in the day, one of my kids used the term "retard"-- as a slur-- "Oh that's so retarded" or "what a retard".... it made my skin crawl & every time he did it, I called him out on it & read him the riot act. Saying "oh that is so gay" is equally offensive.
    Even though all that shit is just that, I can't help but laugh that each time Sarah P steps up to make some big announcement or be vice or pres-i-dential like, one of her kids fucks up big time.
    Keep it up kids.
    Embarass your Mom. Trash the family name.
    So much material to work with!

    Speaking of parenting skills, who the hell is taking care of Trig & Piper while Mom sells books on the road & hangs out @ Dancing with people who know how to dance, but Palin does not???
    Did they just leave Piper to care for Trig all by herself in Alaska while they hang out in LA???

    Remember back in the VP debates, how Palin declared herself to be "an advocate for parents w special needs children"... all very benevolent of her, but then she ditches her special needs child to be a spotlight whore???

    I dread the thought of her winky blinky ass present for the next round of presidential debates.

    Good gawd! Make it stop!!!

  5. Anonymous10:03 PM

    TMZ's take on this was indeed classy, being both even-handed and not overly judgmental.

    I liked yours a lot better, though - treating the Palin's "fairly" feels these days like giving Creationists equal time with evolutionary scientists.

    On a slightly different note, my parents were wonderful and instilled some great values in me, but they were poor and ignorant and sometimes coarse, and I see that as a source for some of the thoughtless and insensitive comments I've made over the years.

    Kudos to you and folks like you for being more self-aware and passing on a kinder, gentler way of being in this increasingly unkind world.


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