Sunday, November 14

Marxism, and Irony, are now officially dead.

Because when you can sell to American children, miniature PIGS that say "let's go shopping" and ride around in a made-in-China plastic limousine...

Well, there is just nothing left to say.   Except I'm expecting Glenn Beck to expose Rand Paul as a SECRET COMMUNIST any day now.

Please pass the Commie, I mean, Kentucky, Fried Chicken.


PS.  The teacup piggie commercial above? Spot the difference:


  1. a pile of expensive junk under a fake tree = Christmas ..each year we ask, "is it possible for our culture to get more disgusting?" and the answer is always Yes Yes a thousand times Yes. (each sold separately)

  2. Huzzah! The secret life of corporate pigs is now beings sold to your kids; I'd say irony has reached a new high.

    And I love what you've done with the place, BG! those stripes are delicious.

  3. When you said, "pig," well, that did it for me.


    No irony (left) here.


    P.S. I thought "they" were trying to get rid of the stripes.

  4. I want to put up a nativity scene where I replace the black king with Santa and have Santa bring the baby Jesus an Xbox 360 and "Call of Duty: Black Ops."

  5. Why would I eat such counterrevolutionary fried fowl when there's a MarxDonald's on the next corner, comrade?


  6. Behold the most fascist piece of artwork in America:


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