Monday, November 22

The New Economy: Loss Leader Cooking

Recently I noticed that my grocery store's "coupon mailer" -- an advertising booklet with loss leader prices on laundry soap, lunch meat, and toilet paper, was expiring that weekend. I went to the store on the last day of the coupon prices. You would have thought 99-cent toilet paper was a $39.00 I-Pad, and today was Black Friday given the number of women (of course) who were there with nothing in their carts but couponed items.

There is a bargain-hunting feeding frenzy mentality that brings hoardes of shoppers into that kind of environment, but something tells me that the current economy is turning more of us into loss-leader eaters. Frankly, I don't want to think about number of families dining on Cheez-its (Two bucks a box instead of a regular $3.49) and Pop-Tarts (88 cents for six, cheaper than the store brand!) this week. And let's face it, whoever scheduled Thanksgiving and Christmas a week before the food stamp money comes in on the first of the month wasn't thinking "abundant feast."

I'm travelling sans kids on Thanksgiving so we had our Thanksgiving dinner last night.  Like last year, my children were not big on traditional Thanksgiving fare, so while they dined on "spaghetti with green stuff" - [pasta, butter, and Knorrs pesto powder], the adults had simple unseasoned turkey with a couple sides made out of end-of-the-aisle canned vegetables.   In addition to green bean casserole (secret - full-fat cream of mushroom soup - 49 cents a can - LIMIT 4),  I googled "corn pudding" and found a recipe, and in the comment section for the name-brand concoction someone had written this:

I use can of corn, can of creamed corn, box of corn muffin mix [Jiffy], 2 eggs, stick of soft butter, cup of sour cream, bake 35-40 mins @ 350 in casserole dish. S & P to taste. Have made this hundreds of times with always an empty dish leftover & lots of compliments.

Lemme tell you, it's really good.  So good you can nuke it for breakfast the next day with maple syrup on top.

And a Miles Standish Sammich for lunch.

Have a very happy Thanksgiving everyone.  Light posting while we put together our Letters from You Podcast.


  1. I love corn pudding!!! It's been a staple since I was a kid (I won't even mention how many decades that's been. I love the Miles Standish sandwich. Been eating them post-Turkey for years -- it's nice to have a name for them.

  2. pop tarts? hey, it's almost xmas. have some pope tarts instead.

    happy and safe thanksgiving everyone!

  3. It's also called corn casserole. It needs 1/4 - 1/2 tsp. garlic powder, and don't forget to sprinkle shredded cheese of choice on top when it's almost done in the oven. Cheddar's good, but just about anything sharp will do nicely.

  4. Happy TG day to you & yours

    From one Fran to Another....

  5. By the way, thanks for posting a simple recipe that is both cheap & easy. I'm no Julia Childs when it comes to cooking, and I hate those damned recipes that call for just 25 simple ingredients. Seriously??
    If it's more than about 5 ingredients that I already have, I'm out.

  6. Anonymous6:32 PM

    Thanks for the recipe, and Happy Thanksgiving to you as well!

  7. ...and some shall know it as "CornBake", one friend calls it a maize cake. By any name, that recipe equals magic deliciousness. Hooray for responsible corn-use !!


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