Tuesday, November 9

Good for you, Rand Paul, wanting to cut defense spending. Now watch Sean Hannity compare you to Barney Frank.

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Seriously, Senator-elect Paul.  Keep this up, and by 2012, Rachel Maddow will be your only friend.

And when I think of the Tea Party members watching their entitlements get flushed down the toilet in pursuit of your balanced budget amendment, I laugh and laugh.  Your voters want you to cut spending without actually, you know, making any cuts that they would notice.

A memo to my fellow progressives:  when it comes to the Tea Party finding out there is no pony,


  1. Thanks, BG.

    I'm now persona non grata at my local McDonalds because I dared to tell the Tea Baggers there that as each of them was on Medicare, Social Security and Disability that they'd all be dead right after the balance the budget bill was passed (which they were "dying" for) and the necessary cuts in their treasured entitlements were made.

    Or words to that effect.

    They then informed me that those cuts were only going to made in younger people's benefits!

    And then the argument started.



  2. Aqua Buddha is going to find out that there are a couple of ways you can play ball in DC, and neither of them includes touching the Pentagon's neverending story.
    Won't matter if he goes ahead and lets the nation default by blocking the sale of Treasury Bonds in January... that's when the toilet flushes and we all go down with the shit... so to speak.
    This guy is gonna learn a new dance called the "Crawfish" as he backs up under the nearest rock to defend himself from the right wingnutters. Torches and pitchforks at the ready!
    After all, Lindsey Graham is already rattling sabers at Iran, so we're gearing up for preemptive war number three here, we can't consider reducing the Pentagon's budget, for Christ's sake!
    Good post, ma'am, I'll be back!

  3. This is brilliant - just brilliant. He will likely be rewarded for his independent thought by his fellow Baggers and Repubs in just the ways you predict.

    I did have one of those "am I agreeing with Paul?" moments. Of course I am in the actual wanting to reduce the funding but his motivation and mine are are not exactly the same, are they?

  4. Fran, I think if the results are the same it doesn't matter.

    If the push for "financial responsibility" pushes Congress to spend money on programs the Pentagon says is necessary, rather than what is good for their districts (yes Boehner I'm talking to you) it's all good.


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