Wednesday, November 10

Sarah Palin in the Fox News Bubble

As I said on last week's podcast, non-Fox media outlets must stop using clips of Sarah Palin on FOX as part of their coverage of her.   I sense that Keith Olbermann already gets this.  If Sarah Palin wants to come on his show (or any non-FOX outlet) then footage of her can run.   But if she remains in the FOX/Facebook safety bubble and embargoes other outlets, they should embargo her admittedly lively diction and attractiveness.  If what she said on FOX is part of the story, show it on the screen and read it without allowing her to charm anybody.

And everytime a non-FOX outlet shows her at a Tea Party Rally, they have an obligation to tell their audience if she is a paid speech-maker at that function.


  1. She has no real position anymore, only a mouth that continually runs for anyone who'll pay her. I'm amazed that she gets so much attention, and really surprised that she tweets, considering anyone can read her nonsense for free there. There's absolutely no reason for any non-Fox station to treat her or the rest of her terminally bore-ass attention-whore family like newsmakers equal to people who do things.

  2. Awww Pishaw! Queen of the Tea Party Sarah has free reign! Why just yesterday she was in Plumsteadville PA, espousing the virtues of obesity to a private Christian school, saying they don;t have to abide by the public school rules to limit sweets to kids. The Rogue/Maverick went as far as passing out cookies to the kids. Then went on to try to talk about complicated economic issues, but alas the parents there just wanted to know about Dancing with the Stars!!!

    The bullshit is so thick, you really should watch it w a shovel in hand.

  3. Anonymous12:36 PM

    I dunno. I kind of prefer her appearing any time as often as humanly possibly. I doubt she'd get any new converts and everyone else could be reminded what a goob she is.

  4. Here I have to agree with Omnipotent Poobah's opinion... it's healthy for American to see as much of Sarah (literally) as possible. Every time she opens her mouth and starts a cliche riddled rant you can feel the public enchantment with her perky ass starting to ebb, and poll numbers back that up. She is overexposed times ten, despite hiding behind the Faux News two way mirror. When and if she comes out to play with the big boys in honest debates or panel interviews (which will be required when it's time to run for public office) she'll prove to be as dim witted as we already know her to be.
    Let her jabber! Besides, blogging is so much easier when she's talking!

  5. Anonymous10:09 PM

    Yes, she certainly has a knack for discrediting herself.

    Carry On, Queen Grizzly!


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