Thursday, July 26

Beautiful Day, Late Post, Happy Music

Today was 71 and sunny. Too nice to blog.

But I did want to send some happy music your way. QuakerDave posted earlier this week about how a "lot of socially-conscious "protest music" focuses on what folks don't like, on what they're against." He goes on to share what he calls the " funky, effervescent, infectiously upbeat music" of Young Robert Randolph.

Made me think of the following (sorry for the long intro):

and just discovered these guys (Carbon Leaf) on The Mountain (KMTT Seattle):

This got posted at youtube just a couple days ago. Always wished somebody felt this way about me. Heh. Well yeah, hear the heartbreak in that statement, and I dunno that it falls under "socially conscious protest music", but hey, it IS James Taylor.

Blogging at a cafe this week and they started playing Muskrat Love on the speakers. I left, of course.


  1. Oh, come now, Blue Gal, the Captain & Tennille are so underrated.

    How could you be so harsh? And did I happen to mention how much I like Bread?

  2. Anonymous7:05 PM

    Hi BlueGal !
    Welcome to Vlogging. I resurrected this clip jus' for you (I like World Party too). Let me know if I can help.


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