Monday, July 2

Because, Mr. Libby.


  1. couldn't have said it better.

    worse than a pardon bush now things he is a judge.

    who is he to say the sentence is too long even tho he admits libby was guilty this way.

  2. Good choice. It IS a great song.

    BUT. Really. We're surprised by this? Shocked? This is the crew that gives a whole new meaning to the idea of "hubris." They take arrogance to a whole new level.

    Bush smirked and joked when the POPE asked him to show some mercy toward a death penalty inmate who had converted to Christianity, then practically pulled the switch on her himself. Here, he commutes the sentence of a guy who hasn't even exhausted his appeals on a perjury charge. Because he's one of Dick's toadies (deliberately ambiguous pronoun usage there, kids).

    And we're outraged? It's business as usual for the junta.

    Keith Olbermann has promised a "Special Comment" tonight, demanding that George and Dick resign. Yeah, right. With all due respect to Keith, the chances of that happening rank right up their with the Phillies' chances of winning the Series.

    Why should they? They get away with everything they do.

    But that is a great song.

  3. Who can express surprise? The weak minded voted him in. We get what they deserve. Nothing against religion per se, I love Blue Gal, but we need to separate church and state.

    Trent Reznor and Quaker Dave, you rock!

  4. Anonymous9:46 AM

    I loves me some NIN.

    I hates me some Dick 'n' Bush.

    Sucks to have to admit that I hate, but somehow pitying and forgiving seems in this case to be beyond my reach.


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