Sunday, July 1

You better believe it.

One of the more eerily accurate Quizillas out there.

Which Western feminist icon are you?

You are Emma Goldman! You are the mama of Anarchist/Communist feminism and you inspired millions to embrace the labor movement. Without ever directly saying so, you directed efforts toward saving women and children from exploitation. Oh yeah, you were also a total sexpot!

Take this quiz!

Picked this up from Shakespeare's Sister, who is at her old digs until she resolves the denial of service attack. We are where you are, Liss. xo



  1. "You are Angela Davis! You were the THIRD WOMYN IN HISTORY to appear on the FBI's Most Wanted List. You are a communinist, black power-lovin' lady who shook up the United States when you refused to lie down quietly to oppression. You WENT TO JAIL! Wow. You kick so much more ass than Foxxy Brown."


  2. *stands up and shakes fist*

    "No, I am Angela Davis!"

  3. Anonymous12:18 PM

    Total hottie?
    It's the lorgnette, baby.

  4. I was Angela David before you were, bub!

    Heck, I got to be in the same room with her a long time ago, when she came to our university to speak. There were, like, 600 other people there, but still.

  5. I'm Emma Goldman too.

  6. Sorry, couldn't take the test. I became disgusted at the third instance of "wymyn." God I hate that.

  7. Notice, Big Daddy, that I edited my result to spell it according to the white male patriarchs at Webster's.


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