Saturday, July 21

Loving Seattle Radio

One thing I love about summers in the Pacific Northwest, and there's lots to love, is the radio.

One favorite is KUOW, which of course is the NPR station. Saturday nights they have "The Swing Years and Beyond" which is great for dancing around the kitchen (seeing as out here Garrison Keillor is on at 3). Well worth listening on-line, they stream the show all week, if you've got good internet, which here, I don't.

Off topic, lately I've been doing emails in the front seat of the car out in front of the house to get a good wifi signal. Sigh. Also off topic, I'm not, repeat, NOT, into washboard abs. They're fine for gay men, though.

Second is 103.7 the Mountain. A nice eclectic mix whose only fault is, if I didn't love Dave Matthews Band I might find they played them too much. But I do and they don't. They have livestream here, and they do the whole desert island disc thing with their listeners, so you get to hear some great music suggested by their "I know the band" clientele.

Treat this as an open thread to tell us all which online radio stations you like, what your desert island discs (The Mountain makes you pick only three) would be, and anything else musically oriented you're into or onto this summer. Thanks.


  1. Hey BG,

    Since I'm in Seattle I will give a thumbs up on KUOW and KMTT! When I visit friends out in the DC area I also like to listen to the stream of KIRO back in Seattle. Dave Ross from 9AM to Noon is great. And Ron Reagan Jr., yep the LIBERAL son of our former President, is on from noon to 1 PM. From 1 PM to 4 PM you don't want to listen unless you want to get upset at ignorance!

    Now, as for music, lets try either Donald Fagen's (one of the two that comprise Steely Dan) Kamakiriad or Seal 4. Heck, any Seal album!

    Hope all is well ...!


  2. WORT listener sponsored radio in Madison. The grandaddy of listener sponsored stations across the US.

    Desert island listening? The Pretenders "Isle of View", "Peter Gabriel Plays Live" (ha, I'm tricky because it's a 2 disc set!) and some boring folky thing.

  3. Anonymous8:09 PM

    But is it enough to make up for the fact that Seattle is Glen Beck's hometown?

    I rarely listen to what goes out over our airwaves here in Seattle these days. The Honda has one of those mp3 plugs so I download things and listen in the car.

    There's a raft of good stuff from KCRW in LA including Harry Shearer's Le Show, America's finest radio program. Locally I'm very fond of KEXP's ( Shke the Shack, three horus of rockabilly with your host, Dr. Leon Berman, the proctologist of rock 'n roll.

    Also here's hoping you support WA US Rep Jay Inslee (a Dem natch) who is working to keep internet radio alive.

  4. Since I may be a little younger, demographics-wise, than much of your readership I am a sucker for college radio.

    When I was living in Atlanta, I kept the dial tuned into Georgia State's station, 88.5 FM. Sadly, no music stream is available over the internet.

    Wikipedia has a nice list of college radio stations, the lion's share of which have a internet stream. College Radio Stations

    I normally tune into a different station every day just to try them out, but these days I've been listening to a college station out of Scotland called Fresh Air (Not to be confused with the NPR program of the same name) Fresh Air

  5. Anonymous11:31 PM

    I don't listen to the radio, but if I had to pick 3 c.d.'s I think I'd take

    1) Minutemen-Double Nickels on the Dime

    2) Scratch Acid-The Greatest Gift

    3) Yanni- Any one of his "timeless classics" because I'm sure eventually I'd go insane and Yanni would push me over the edge making it easier to feed myself to the sharks.

  6. For music,

    For information, I love the BBC above all other news sources. There's the World Service, and the Radio 4 (more talk-styale programs). It's here, and there are podcasts as well as streaming and archived programs:

  7. here in the Delaware Valley (Philadelphia and 'burbs), we are blessed with WHYY FM, the local NPR outlet; WXPN, which comes out of the University of Pennsylvania (which is the flagship for "The World Cafe," which some of you might know; and a host of small local college stations which all totally rawk out.

    Summer listening: Sweet Warrior, which is the new CD from Richard Thompson; some classical CDs that I got for my birthday; and Colorblind, from Robert Randolph and The Family Band, which I highly recommend for top-down/sunroof open driving music.


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