Friday, July 20

Screenshot/product placement of the day.

Okay it's bad enough that Wapo's style editor has discovered that Hillary has breasts and that her cleavage is not unseemly but is undeniable. (major league hat tip to BAC at Yikes!) Not to sound cynical, but I'm waiting for the denials to roll in anyway, from some DC staffer whose job it is to do that sort of thing no matter what is said.

Then finding the quote led me to Gawker (yeah irony is dead. Undeniable.) which led me to this, and I hadda post it even though I have qualms, real qualms, about naked butts on my blog. Really.

Somehow seeing an ad for happy butt bidets marketed via blog right next to the "Hillary has breasts, no, really" story just made my day.

And sure I clicked the ad, I care about my readers THAT MUCH. Memo to the "clean is happy dot com" people, I really want to know more about the "adjustable cleansing wand" that comes with the Washlet S300, along with yer wireless remote and warm dryer action, too.


  1. Hillary refuses to apologize, but will repeal authorization for her use of cleavage on the American public. Though "undeniable", Tony Snow will neither confirm nor deny the presence of Women with Mammary Distractions.

  2. Maybe I'm a bit slow on the uptake today, so could someone explain to me how this reveals anything about HC's policies, positions, or qualifications. And I'm even more bewildered why a supposed Pulitzer winner is discussing this 'subtle hint of rackage' in the first place.

  3. Anonymous9:44 PM

    Some scientists theorize women have breasts because cleavage looks like a butt crack.

    It draws attention away from the ass and toward the face. Not quite the face, but in the general vicinity.

    I'm glad to know Hillary has them. At least they didn't show her Mankles.

    Is there anyway you can get the bottom (oops) girl's phone number?

  4. I want a Washlet! ... and world peace. I also would like someone to comment on Fred Thompson's cleavage. Fair is fair!


  5. I won't be satisfied until the Post does an in-depth study of her fallopian tubes.

  6. I see Fairlane has a similar interest in the biological studies of Desmond Morris and topographical studies of juicy bootys.

    Whether anyone is offended by the "clean is happy" bidet ads, you ought to at least be relieved they didn't decide to use before and after pics.

  7. Anonymous8:44 AM

    When the bidet ads got to the point of discussing blowing hot air up your ass, that's when I understood the HRC connection!

    Actually, it is really silly that Hillary's décolletage should be an issue any more that Edwards' haircuts, Obama's suits, or any other distraction.



  8. So if breasts are natures way of drawing mens' (and other peoples') eyes up from the butt to the face, does that mean that women could potentially be bigger buttheads as politicians than men?

    I just can't believe that.

  9. Anonymous11:42 AM

    The real issue is Mitt's $150 makeover. C'mon people, let's stay on point!

  10. This may be stating the obvious here, but this is news why?

    Here, Blue Gal, this might be of amusement to you.

    Lest We Forget

  11. When women step forward to assume leadership (in any arena) there is always a certain ilk that simply wants to reduce them to body parts. That people buy into it is the truly unfortunate reality.

    Whether or not you support, or even like, Hillary every progressive should be speaking out against this sort of thing.


  12. Anonymous10:54 PM

    Welcome to Seattle bgal! They tell me it'll stop raining sometime Monday,so enjoy!


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