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Blog Against Theocracy: Reproductive Freedom

This post originally appeared at BG on December 20, 2006 - BG

And I've set aside my ban on live models because it's a bathing suit and the head scarf makes it so demure. Yeah.

I've blogged many times on issues of contraception, abortion, gender politics, not to mention sex.

So you can go back and read what I've wrote on these issues, but two points, I think bear repeating:

I think NARAL is using Roe v. Wade as a self-perpetuating cash cow, just like the religious right does. I do not forgive them for endorsing Lieberman, either.

It is regrettable that the heavy lifting in smaller cases, like when some pharmacist won't sell birth control because said pharmacist would rather prescribe their own sexual morality than prescriptions (I think "you're fired" is a good response)...anyway, the heavy lifting in these cases goes to Americans United for Separation of Church and State, and the ACLU. (Check out some recent cases here.) These smaller cases threaten to gradually erode reproductive health for Americans in general, and American women in particular.

Secondly, I find it fascinating that some of the best web info on reproduction and contraception can be found at The marketplace can't afford to be inaccurate or preachy. The marketplace, in this instance, has decided to tell the truth. It isn't preaching, by the way, to indicate that abstinence is the best way to avoid STD's, pregnancy, and AIDS. Duh. But it is responsible to point out that "abstinence is not always a practical or desirable option." Double duh.

For more on the First Freedom First campaign for reproductive health, click here.


  1. As I said at the time, Roe V. Wade has too much resonance with the American people to be totally done away with. However, since you've published this article the first time, the Roberts court has done away with late-term abortions.

    Irresponsibility is what we are fighting and being that we are creatures who are born inherently with free will, some will choose to use discretion when they engage in intercourse and some won't. But in a world whose population is growing exponentially, I think we're going to have to step in and prevent pregnancy amongst those who are totally unsuited for it.

    It's why I've always believed we need to pump as much money into space exploration as possible. Sooner than later we will find ourselves squabbling for natural resources and the only logical response is, in my humble opinion, to colonize the moon or Mars or both.

  2. Anonymous2:43 PM

    "I think we're going to have to step in and prevent pregnancy amongst those who are totally unsuited for it."

    That's a tad disturbing. Who gets to decide?


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