Tuesday, July 10

important question discussed at salon last night

Rank these according to intelligence, highest to lowest:

Hell. But only because Alternet brought it up.


Wait. No jelly.

Wait. No butter.

Slab of concrete.

Fred Thompson.

Special thanks to Bob Geiger for clarifying the toast issue and to Drifty because I love watching him wiggle his pencil.


  1. Anonymous9:14 AM

    Highest to lowest in intelligence:
    The toast with jelly (looks yummy, too)
    The buttered toast
    The dry toast
    Fred Thompson*
    Slab of concrete
    And since I don't subscribe to heaven or hell notions, I'm going to continue to ignore hell.

    *Because I'm feeling charitable this morning.

    Thanks for another fun Monday night!

  2. Can't I put Fred *in* hell and then rank'm?


  3. You left off a doorknob, a dog turd, and a pile of plain old ordinary dirt.

    THEN comes Fred.

  4. Haha! Well done!

    Really, though, after Reagan and now Bush the Younger, the bar has been set awfully, um, low. Does Thompson really have the astonishing, historic, disastrous level of stupidity Republicans insist on for their nominees? ;-)

  5. Thompson is the dumbest. The toast and concrete don't know better, and when you think about it, hell is pretty damn clever.

  6. Anonymous4:54 PM

    1) Toast (plain, buttered and jellied)

    Skip 2 and 3

    4)slab of concrete

    Skip 5

    6)Fred and Hell

    I've had some really fascinating discussions with toast in my lifetime. You'd be surprised how enlightened toast can be. Very insightful on many issues. It is especially charming when lightly spread with Belladonna.

    Concrete gets a bad rap.

    Never heard of Fred Thompson until a month or so ago, but he's another Actor for President. Cannot possibly be intelligent or he wouldn't be an "actor."

    Hell is simply a metaphor for the Bush Administration and we all know what a bunch of dumb shits they are.

  7. Anonymous9:12 PM

    I'd prefer them all rolled into one please:

    A buttery, jam slathered hunk of concrete toast washed down with a big dollop of Fred Thompson...with a side order of Freedom Fries!

    Do I win a prize or anything?


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