Wednesday, July 25



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  2. I didn't know you'd become a Quaker. Question: do they call it "conversion" when a member of one church the pope says isn't really a church switches to another church the pope says isn't really a church, or is there another name for that? I mean, I guess the consensus would be that it's not the same as going from Judaism to Buddhism, right?

    Next item: if you're going to appear in videos, I think you should always appear with your current knitting project in hand, a-knittin' and a -perlin' away. It could be your thing: Blue Gal, the Knitting Video Blogger

    And finally, in reference to the robe: you should join UPONG. Most of us are search marketers, but we can make an exception.

  3. What? No panties? Nice, it's so easy to have extreme thinking. I enjoy your tempered (not tame) perspective.

  4. I wanted to see what was on your bookshelf. It was driving me to distraction!

  5. i think you did a grand job. the bathrobe was a touch of genius.

    now, if it was in black instead of blue i'd be really envious that it's yours and not in my closet.

    ; )

  6. Oh good Blue Gal, congratulations!..If only most of us had your courage.

    The bathrobe was a great touch. Most of us bloggers are well educated professionals, and for other journalists to make such comments is pathetic.

    I find that a lot of these comments come from fear that media is changing, and they just can't let go of old ways.

  7. Anonymous8:16 AM

    No thanks necessary, it's OUR pleasure.

  8. You've been a source of inspiration for me, Blue Gal. Thanks for getting me blogging as well.

    Your pal,

    Comrade Kevin.

  9. I think you've made the best choice! I look forward to seeing you rant on those occasions when the urge strikes.

    BTW, the glasses weren't glaring on my monitor... keep 'em on, if you normally wear them!

  10. Anonymous11:29 AM

    Right on Sister!

  11. Nice move, way to go. You're gutsier than me, for sure.

    qwerty: We call it "convincement," as in being a "convinced" (converted from something else) Quaker. Someone who's born into a Quaker family is called a "birthright" Quaker.

  12. Just promise us that you won't vlog while watching American Idol loaded on cheap box o' wine.

  13. Thanks QD. I take it that term is particular to the ASF (assuming the Quakers still call themselves that), right?

  14. Particular? Don't now about that.

    Yup. The "correct" name is the Religious Society of Friends. Quakers usually refer to themselves as Friends, whereas we use Quakers - the name more folks know - when we're trying to explain ourselves. Which we end up doing quite a lot.

    Sorry about the tangent, BG.

  15. Wow, Blue Gal. I just discovered you through a friend. Fantastic!

    I won't even mind if you video blog with a cheap box of wine. :)

  16. I agree with Suzy, i really was trying to figure out what was on your bookshelf and also where you were. Is that your current summer residence an office or something? I always love looking at what others read.

  17. Anonymous8:54 PM

    Congratulations, Blue Gal. The glasses look great. Try two small table lamps with shades and 25W white incandescent bulbs about three or four feet to the left and to the right of the webcam, and be sure to turn the brightness or contrast on the monitor way down when recording.

    You're a courageous Blue Gal -- and you do look like Nigella. (/wolfwhistle)

  18. Be still my booming simian heart, I have gazed upon a bloggy YouTube angel...
    My humble personage is not worthy of gazing upon this fair apparition o' the heavens...

    BTW, Nice jammies! Next time I wanna see your bunny slippers!

  19. Great compromise, BG. Love the video thing.

    And although I use my name, I think I would have been just as happy had I been able to think up a sufficiently cool alter-ego, as you have done so well.

  20. Those boxes of fine wine ARE NOT CHEAP!

  21. Anonymous9:51 AM

    keep 'em coming, Blue Gal. you're the best.

    careful though, Karl is looking for you!


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