Friday, July 27

Oh geez, I don't even know where to start.

From a pro-"build the anti-immigration wall" ad running at conservative blogs. Heh.


  1. Okay ... you're an asshole.


  2. Why not? It's worked perfectly in Berlin and Israel. And it's not like there are laws against constructing walls through tribal grounds and fragile ecosystems.

    You've gotta wonder why the Neocons hate Hillary so much when she's to the right of them on so many issues, immigration being one.

  3. Hey, why stop with a wall? I keep asking my anti-immigrant friends (NOT the Quaker kind) this: Why stop there? We all know that what y'all REALLY would like is something like they used to have in BERLIN, or what they have going now between the "two" KOREAS: lots of heavily armed guards with machine guns, drones, razor wire, motion sensors, cameras, tanks, and LANDMINES. Lots and lots of landmines.

    I mean, if a few of these folks actually get BLOWN UP in front of the rest, maybe they'll think twice and just turn around and go home. Right? RIGHT??? I mean, just be honest!


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