Friday, July 27

Blue Gal at the beach.

Neither of these videos is more than two minutes long. I don't believe vlogs should be long-term punishment for my readers.

Joe Lieberman is NOT allowed to use this footage for his next campaign ad. Neither is Mike Gravel, for that matter.


  1. thanks. really pretty place. aug. 6th!!! that sucks for the kids.

    i don't think i could handle the humidity at all.

  2. Or you could toss a kid into the water...

    Just kidding.

    What a purty place. Imagine: a beach with hardly any people. Unheard of here in The Garden State.

  3. was that a solar eclipse at the end of the first vid? far out man.

  4. Some video cameras saturate when too much light hits them, and those pixels basically freak out and don't transmit any data. So the Sun looks like it's black. It's not really an eclipse... but I'm one of those untrustworthy science types. :-)

  5. Exactly philip. What would be do without those untrustworthy science types? Love on ya.

  6. Schools in Alabama?


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