Tuesday, July 31

Feh. Artists.

Had dinner tonight with Mr. Blue Gal and an artist friend and his wife.

Me to artist: "Thanks for a great dinner. I love your studio."

Artist to me: "I love your mouth."

Okay, we'd had some wine, but I need even more to appreciate that comment. Pffft.

PS: In the artist's defense he DID have a picture of the President taped to the inside of his toilet seat lid. I told him it was bloggable.


  1. i like the toilet seat idea!

  2. Well, I guess the picture is in the appropriate place.

  3. On a related scatalogical note, I met a guy in Tahlequah once who told me his grandfather used to tape a twenty to the inside of his toilet so he could "start every morning by pissing on Andrew Jackson."


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