Wednesday, July 18

Larry Flynt being a tease? Yer kidding.

And the idea that any Senator paying a hooker for sex is going to "shock" Larry Flynt...

Larry Flynt's so-called "shock" is about as disingenuous as Tucker Carlson's "involuntarily" crossing his legs...

Well, maybe Barbara Mikulski? That would shock me. But something tells me it ain't her, bless her heart.


  1. No more a shock then how "shocked" the U.S. government was when it went after Flynn long ago for selling (gasp) porn. I say go Larry! First of all I could care less who anyone is sleeping with outside of my wife & I. Secondly, if your going to run on "family values" for a high profile job, don't sleep with hookers! Walk the walk. I hate ALL two faced pioliticians no matter which party.

  2. What we're really fighting against is this Puritanical do-as-I-say-not-as-I-do attitude that seems to characterize Americans.

    In France, this story wouldn't even make the back page. It's assumed that all politicians are corrupt and that they have elicit affairs outside of marriage. The question that remains is do you find this fatalistic or sadly accurate?

  3. I must confess that I am curious to know the name of the conservative think tank person who is supposedly on the list.


  4. Anonymous10:49 AM

    I must admit a somewhat perverse interest in all this, too. I guess it goes back to having to put up with holier-than-thou kids in school who did the same as the rest of us, yet who were absolved of guilt and shielded from "talk" because they went to the "right" church in our town.


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