Monday, July 23

Skype Salon tonight

from Toothpaste for Dinner which is always fabulous.

It's not calling it's just typing. It has nothing to do with your hair and everything to do with your mind. If you can read this blog and have Skype installed you are able to attend, you are invited, and you are very welcome.

9 Eastern, 6 Pacific.

We'll probably be reviewing the youtube debates and a MAJOR shout out to our own Davis Fleetwood (see video below he's the guy at the counter) for being chosen as question number 3.

The url for joining us, once you have skype installed, is

See you then!


  1. Sorry to have missed the salon, the discussion, the people. I swear I'll get on the stick one of these days. For the record, here's my two cents on last night's debate.

  2. Toothpaste for dinner has been a favorite toon of mine for some time.

    BTW, Your link for that isn't working.

    The artist has also done some work for


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