Wednesday, July 4

Because I'm a goddamn commie.

and I love him.

And it's a great update.


  1. Now, now. Billy's no commie. He's one of us pleasant, well-intentioned but rarely understood Socialists.

  2. The man is a genius.

  3. Anonymous11:19 PM

    BB's a personal 'ero o' mine... though I'm of the opinion we've friggin' WAITED LONG ENOUGH!

    And BTW qwerty, love yer "Henry!"

  4. Anonymous11:48 PM

    How very 4th of July. I've heard him sing this song before. I like it and I like Billy Bragg. He's singing from a real place. I also listened via this link to other songs of his, "There's Power in a Union" and "Take Down the Union Jack". Now there's something to lift my spirits, after a long day, and a long drive home.

  5. Anonymous12:53 PM

    Awesome choice -- it's a great update of this song. I've heard this version before and am trying to track it down in .mp3 form, but haven't had any luck so far. Still, the older version's a good listen, too.


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