Tuesday, July 31

Something I just noticed.

Sex books for women are called something like:

Be Loved for Who You Really Are: How the Differences Between Men and Women Can Be Turned into the Source of the Very Best Romance You'll Ever Know

and show a hand-holding couple in soft focus (which almost doesn't fit on the cover because the title is so fricking long.)

And sex books for men are called:


and feature a naked woman on the cover and are about 300 pages shorter than the women's book. Illustrated.

The great sex book talks about this study, which determined how certain scents increase bloodflow to the male genitals. Not only did they get volunteers to hook up their genitals to bloodflow monitors and get them to smell stuff. First, the scientists hadda use a "non-odorized mask" so they could record a "baseline brachial penile index" for each subject.

Scents that "worked"? Cinnamon buns, baby.


  1. BOING!

    Cinnamon has already been one of my favorites flavors.

    Now it all makes scents (groan).

  2. There's probably a "sticky buns" joke here somewhere, but I ain't makin' it.

  3. I'm wondering what scents make the blood flow on down to the ladies' nether regions?

    Orange oil cleaner from when he's cleaning the toilet might do it for me.

    Not quite as poetic as sticky buns. mmmm!

  4. Anonymous9:26 PM

    I coulda told you that. Sheesh, no one ever asks.



  5. In defense of men, we are absolutely driven by sex. It's a powerful, primeval force that can make us forget that we are civilized beings.

    This does not excuse men who use that fact as a get-out-of-jail free card and take it as a liberty to be boorish, crude, and chauvinistic.

    So long as we maintain strict gender differences, there will always be this disconnect. That's why I welcome the strides my generation has made to blur the distinctions between what constitutes "male" and what constitutes "female".

    And what I have also come to understand is that females are just as driven by sex as males, but societal mores and the fact that they have much more to lose (ie pregnancy) keeps them from being as apt to openly display their sexuality to the extent that men do.

    The truth of the matter is that many women are far more masculine than they will ever own up to and many males are far more feminine than they will own up to.

    A long time ago, the powers that be decided that there was need to have strict separation between genders. The feminist side of me thinks that it was set in place as a means to keep men in charge. The pragmatic side of me understand the inherent fear (although I don't agree with it) that if the status quo were not maintained, then chaos and nihilism would break out. That's been the Right's argument for years.

  6. Someone quoted Seinfeld the other day on their blog with an appropriate comment: "Women need a reason for sex. Men just need a place."


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