Friday, July 27

Three little words.

Whatta buncha chickenshits.

GOP frontrunners backing out of the Republican YouTube debates. Yeah I'm linking to Hugh Hewitt because in this case taking the news from that side of the aisle is more to the point.

Good excuse for running some Spamalot music, though:

UPDATE: Bwa ha ha isn't it nice that Howard Dean wants to thank the YouTube community. Pffft.


  1. I don't see what the fuss is all about. Granted, it was nice to see the Democratic candidates squirm a bit and be put on the spot, but the GOP cowards ought to take a cue from Hillary Clinton.

    Just because you're asked a question point-blank doesn't mean you have to give a straight answer.

    I think the concept was brilliant, by the way. When I was in undergrad, I considered joining the Young Democrats. I declined to join them after one meeting, a meeting where I deliberately put one of Don Siegleman's paid staffers directly on the spot during Q&A. It was most discouraging and amusing to see that poor guy squirm and hem and haw.

  2. What are they so afraid of? Fully half the questions I saw were totally inane and almost facetious. I mean, faux rednecks and (badly) animated snowdads? And CNN apparently nixed the questions about impeachment. That's what they can't handle? In other woirds, they were a lot like the softballs they'd get thrown at them on, say, Hannity & Colmes. So why all the fuss indeed?


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