Sunday, July 22

If you read one blog post today...

...make it this one at Beautiful Day Rule.

ALL OF US should have at least one post on our blog where we AT LEAST say...

I must say, I was kind of disappointed, though, because we did not get arrested.

This here blog is decidedly pro-birth control, by the way.


  1. When I first became a Unitarian, (I was around 17 at the time) a group of us teens got together to carpool to protest the School of the Americas.

    Had I my way, I would have stepped across the line into the base and been arrested but my father told me that in no uncertain terms was I to do so.

    I'm ambivalent about this issue, Blue Gal. Had I been arrested, I would have had a criminal record and been ineligible for student loans and many jobs. I think those detractors need to be removed first and they can only be removed from within the system, not outside it.

  2. Blue Gal, I have the perfect birth control, combined with panties at the end of my blog posting today...since you brought it up! I love all the undies!

  3. My nephew was arrested at age 17 at the IMF protests in DC. He was taken to an undisclosed location and beaten up by federal marshalls, who threatened him with (among other things)sodomy, death, disfigurement ("Your mom won't recognize you when we're done with you".) It was pretty traumatic. His comment afterward was, "I went in a kid, I came out a revolutionary."

  4. The police now believe that 9/11 gives them the right to circumvent the law. What started as a short comment here became much longer ... so I am posting it at Yikes!


  5. There was a pack of us yesterday at the San Juan Airport who ALMOST got arrested, first because we were so PO'd at US Airways for treating us all like crap, and secondly because of the guy who tried to cut to the front of a line of folks most of whom had already been standing there for THREE HOURS waiting just to CHECK IN.

    Don't worry, we didn't hit him. We shamed him into leaving, which was better and a whole lot more fun...


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