Thursday, July 17

Blue Gal: Tastemonger?

Oh here's a comment to bring to the top:

Oh, ha ha ha. Very satirical. Hello Kitty cute, Cute bad. ...If you're that rabid about it, why not find out where these people live and kill them? After all, if we on the left aren't bitching and complaining about other people's tastes etc., then we're not breathing. Calvin, hip. Hello Kitty, bad. DarkBlack satirical, New Yorker bad. Who gives a flying fuck what you and the rest of the tastemongers think?


Thank you, commenter, for proving there are those with greater and more complex anger issues than mine. And I regret my insufficient explanations regarding the Hello Kitty Death Watch.

Hello Kitty Death Watch is reserved specifically for those times in which I engage in airline travel. I find it fascinating that almost every time I fly, I encounter a grown woman wearing or using a Hello, Kitty! item as if it might be a talisman against terrorist attack.

Hello Kitty Death Watch is specifically directed at adult Caucasian women using a Hello Kitty garment, tote, jewelry item, or electronic device, such as cell phone or CD player, while travelling in an airport. Small children wearing a Hello Kitty backpack do not count. My own daughters have worn Hello, Kitty undiepanties, and since they were under the age of five at the time, I found that entirely appropriate. I do not find a grown woman managing her finances with this tool

which, yes, is not a photoshop, to be exempt from my, as you put it, tastemongering. America would be a far better place, in my tastemongering opinion, if those adults choosing to infantilize their financial transactions would grow the frak up. Ben Bernanke take note.

No, I am not about to "kill" anyone with those in their checkbook. And it's true, I really am not passing judgment between either of the young females below:

because in my estimation, both of these young ladies will eventually learn to wear more grown-up attire:


  1. I don't know, Blue; a Mitt Romney sticker doesn't seem all that much like grown up attire to me... :-P

  2. I know, John J, I know....:)

  3. Anonymous8:58 PM

    How about a Hello Kitty ballplayer:

  4. 'Satirical'?


    ...And all this time I thought I was purveying hallucinogenic sardonicism. Failed, yet again.

    The titans of satire have little to fear from me, IMO, as my style of crude recontextualization owes its meager limelight to a jaded post-literate intellectual environment, and those few who might wish to sidestep it for a short moment.

    I'm certainly not popular in the commercial sense, perhaps the one honestly objective yardstick remaining in society for measurement of fame's worth - And I attribute this subjective success to having learned not to care what anyone thinks, least of all 'tastemongers' or chatboard haters. There is no pretense to speaking for the masses within myself.

    If one despises the offering, they should do as they please - There's as many blogs as there are stars in the sky, but with that knowledge for one to stay put and heap scorn smacks of a hidden agenda begging to be harshly revealed.


  5. Anonymous12:09 AM

    The DB abides, and spanky's.

    BG too.

    And y'all worked panties into it, too . . .

    Truly gods and goddesses y'are. ;-)

  6. damn, that was a strange comment.

    you get "interesting" readers. ; )


  7. Anonymous9:08 AM

    As I am forced to take off my scarf that might looks like a keffiyeh, and I am forced to put on my American Flag Lapel pin, let me point out the hypocrisy.....

  8. If a fishmonger peddles (not pedals, that's a different metaphor) fish, does this mean you are now distributing taste? I'll take a basketful, thank you v. much.

  9. Zippy The Pinhead has had a bit of fun over the years mongering the taste of Hello Kitty. Goes well with Cool Whip, pickled beets, and taco sauce!

  10. hat link didn't work well...try this one




  11. Pammy Atlas and taste don't deserve to belong in the same sentence.


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