Monday, July 7

My stepdaughter has a blog!

She's posting as "Brunella", and her first post on elitist education shows great promise.

It don't hurt that she's got a journalism degree from farking Columbia U. She's now at Cambridge (some school in England, I dunno) getting some advanced something or other in Medieval Literature or something.

Elitism? ha. She'll be posting "Britain's Got Talent" Youtubes within a week.

[Seriously, welcome to the party, sweets.]


  1. Thanks for the link... I'd managed to lose it in fewer than 24 hours. Personally, I can't wait for the Britain's Got Talent you tubes.

  2. Anonymous4:50 AM

    Thanks for the props, Blue Gal! I hope this act of nepotism doesn't diminish your blogging integrity. x

  3. Ha! Stepdaugter?! That makes you the evil stepmother! I liked Mitsy Moo. ;o)


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