Thursday, July 24

I've been propositioned.

Some link factory wants me to do some bloggy network link listing adware thing based on this:

"It is our proposition that personalized ringtones and mobile wallpapers have become a fashion statement - much like the latest dress materials, gadgets, ladies handbags and shoes. Together, they shine people's personalities!"



  1. Anonymous7:59 AM

    Maybe a Hello Kitty wallpaper?

  2. Gal,
    Having a really loud personalized ringtone makes a statement. Usually that statement is, "I am a complete dork."

  3. I'm sure they haven't even looked at the blog. They just sent out some harvester spider and you got added to a list of sites that are ostensibly relevant to words like fashion, dress, handbags and shoes.

    It might have been the occasional knitting post, but more likely the panties or the simple fact that "gal" is in your title.

    Lousy rotten spammers.

  4. Blogging? Networking? Politics? Breathing? All hip fads - good of these marketers to jump on this hot new trend stuffed full of phat cheddar.


  5. A loud ringtone to me just says, "I am a consumer whore".

    Much the same way a tattoo says, "I hate myself, look at me!"


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