Tuesday, July 15

Vlog 7/15, Wev and the power of "Away From"

Just less than four minutes. See that really cute green suitcase sitting behind me? Southwest lost it. (I'm sure it will get delivered later but ugh.)

And here's the gender breakdown of people watching my video blogs:

Which proves the point I've been making for weeks now:

Fortunately, the women who read Blue Gal are all immensely cool. :)


  1. happy, HAPPY birthday!

    oh, to be 45 again! ; )

  2. Anonymous10:23 AM

    Happily Birfing Day! (I got the notice via Skype of all places, which reminded me that I needed to do my part to maintain that 65% minimum).

    Hoping all is well with you on your trip, for your birthday, and beyond.

    ~Commander Other
    ~that dumbass in South Dakota

  3. Happy birthday, BG.


  4. Anonymous11:51 AM

    I was talking with my grandfather about an older gentleman who was worried about have a heart by-pass operation. My grandfather had been Guinea pig for Dr Debakey in the 50's so he told he the man had nothing to worry about.
    He then asked me how old the man was and I told him 68, my 93 year old grandfather sighed and said “Oh to be 68 again.”

    Age is relative.


  5. Happy Birthday Gal.
    I was in Seattle last week at the giant Japanese store, Uwajima-ya.
    They have about an acre of hello kitty tchotchkes. Aaaaaaarrrrrgh.

  6. Hey, If I look at my age in a mirror I'm 45 too!

    What's that thing about opposites?

    Happy Emergence day.

  7. That's one funny poster!


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