Friday, July 25

It's been one year...

...since I first "went public" and did a video blog.

And while some things (well, many, many things) have changed, some things remain the same...


  1. Happy anniversary. Now pass the cheetos!

  2. Joe Scarborough exasperates me. Sometimes his political analysis is right-on; however, other times he comes off as the shilliest GOP shill ever created. He's the Jekyll and Hyde of pundits.

    Plus, to me he bears an eerie resemblance to a very young John Wayne. Stagecoach-era. Sounds like him, too.

    It kinda fits.

  3. wow, a year already? congrats.

    p.s. glad to know i'm not the only one that thiks he is a lot like john wayne, attitude wise as well.

  4. Anonymous4:18 PM

    Happy Bloggaversary, BlueGal! I think you should snail-mail Joe some Cheetos. maybe if he joins us he'll learn something concerning politics.

    I happen to like Cheetos too... haven't had them in ages. Now I think I'll go get some, just for giggles.

  5. Anonymous9:39 PM

    Yeah, it's been another year and Chimpy's still here.

    I thought you were going to take care of that...or was it me, I can't remember whose turn it is.

    Happy sort of anniversary BG!

  6. Congrats! Here's to many more...

  7. But how do you feel about loofahs?

  8. Happy V-blogaversary, BG ... and here's to many, many more!!



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