Sunday, July 6

A blurry love sandwich!

Conditions for photography in the "Green Room" after the FABULOUS Joe Cocker concert were a little less than optimal. Sigh.

The weather in Chicago was perfect and so was the concert. Joe opened for Steve Miller Band but who cares. We were there for the opening act and a little post-concert meet up.

Shown is Shakespeare's Sister, Mike of the Crooks and Liars Blog Round Up (plays Hammond Organ for Joe's band...yeah!) and yours truly. (Not shown are Mr. Shakes and Driftglass. The ladies got to surround the rock star, excuse me.)

Thanks Mike for inviting us backstage and it was WONDERFUL to meet you and hang out with some dear blog buddies.

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  1. i think it's a great picture. looks like you had a blast!


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