Tuesday, July 21

Bl0gh3r Transformation!

Shhh. I'm going to a gender specific computer writing convention this coming weekend.

"Bloggers are invited to create their own unique looks (using your own photos) via the Virtual Makeover tool on MaryKay.com***."

***I'm providing the link because I'm dying to see what Doctor Zaius does with this.

Whoops I can't wait.

Update: Zaius did it better than I could.


  1. That's a "jilted at the altar" picture of Zaius, for sure;

    But I'll never understand how women can get full-blown gussied-up before 7 AM... (Hue look mawvelous!)

  2. it didn't resolve the questions, did it? merely covered them up. how can people think with all that shit on them? or can they?

    yer beautiful naturally.
    Dr. Zaius, however, I kinda like with a little lace.

  3. oh just lovely in lace. ; )

    i'm not going anywhere without my eyeliner. i loves it, i do!

  4. Well, that deucedly clever device effectively neutralized 'angry questions' Blue Gal...Go back to sleep, corporate America.

    Zaius, however, is still a clear and present danger. The contempt in his eyes for mankind flickers white hot, in spite of the fetching eyeshadow.


  5. Frickin' Mary Kay????

    Put Native American Ceremonial paint all over your face.

    Or walk the path of Blogging gals need to look pretty while properly discussing pertinent topics of the day...
    like just how high should your high heels be?
    How to bend over & take it in the shorts of Corporate America.

    If they start passing out designer aprons (like June Cleaver).... Run!!! Run for your life!!!!

  6. Anonymous6:54 AM

    I love the fact that their models are composites of the same facial structure, altered for some PC colors and ethnicity, of a slender 20 something that will always look good with their chosen products.

    But hey, their marketing people said that any bunch of women, regardless of their reason for gathering, is a marketing good opportunity.

    But they do defray the cost of the gathering so....



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