Friday, July 3


THAT was an unusual day.

Wolfrum (genius): GodWink’s Law: As other stories capture the public interest, the probability of Sarah Palin thrusting herself into the news approaches 1.

If she had come forward to say her special needs child had grown into a toddler, and she was going to spend the next four years doing whatever she could including sacrificing her own promising career, to help him develop verbal language and age-appropriate social skills...

...If she had come forward to say that the toll of publicity was damaging her marriage and her relationship with her family, and she was sacrificing her personal ambition for the sake of her family...

...If she had come forward and said that her Presidential ambitions were interfering with her duties (they never do that) and she was sacrificing THIS job for a better one, and moving to, oh, Iowa.

...but I didn't hear anything about sacrificing, did you?

I heard self-congratulation, followed by a total lack of logic, infused with nervous embarrassment. The timing? After lunch on Friday, July 3? Positively Nixonian.

Maybe she just gave up. I've said it before, there's a bright future for her on the mega-church lecture circuit, and FOX will give her her own show tonight if she wants that, also too.

She'll land on her feet red high heels, you betcha.


  1. You are far too kind. I don't want you to stop being far too kind, mind you, just pointing it out ;)

  2. Ho ho! Love the introductory image!

    I managed to sit through about four of the eight minutes of Palin's blathering before my poor wee brain went *TILT*. I began to short-circuit when she started in on her basketball analogy. Apparently the sport of basketball has something to do with her later statements that she'd come clean and made honest answers about why she was resigning as Governor ... (bbbbbbbbbbbbbbbb...) :-D

  3. Anonymous7:10 AM

    Does this mean the MSM can avoid real news for another 2 weeks?


  4. Like you said about the timing -- my Public Relations 101 class taught us to time something you want to cover up for a weekend -- preferably a holiday weekend.

    Considering the stuff that she HASN'T resigned over, whatever pushed her over the edge has got to be a doozy.

    Is it mean of me to want to watch with a box of popcorn in hand?

  5. What I find most amusing is that this validates the criticisms her opponents had been citing for months.

    And don't read Pammy's take on it, unless you want to see what a fellow narcissist in arrested development looks like. Don't say I didn't warn you.

  6. I love my job, so I am turning it over to someone else.... I do this because I love Alaska

    I guess being Governor of Alaska is sort of like being a community organizer, only people scrutinize you & it's REALLY hard work.


    I just stumbled upon the website.... where they have a red DONATE button just like President Obama has on his communications.... but his is *blue*.

    They are gathering money for Sarah's *Legal Defense Fund*....'

    which also gives a link to

    The OFFICIAL website for the Governor Sarah Palin Legal expense fund.

    Something's cooking..... and it ain't moose stew....

    Who's she been palling around with????

  7. To think I decided not to follow her on Twitter....last night would have been a she is threatening to sue the that would be make for huge legal fees, the Internet??? oh my.. gosh darn it...she is nuts.


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