Friday, July 17

Vibrating Mascara Wands...why, they're revolutionary! (VIDEO MASHUP)

Is this what we've come to, that we can't wiggle our own mascara wand?

And so I thought, gee, I wonder why the Republicans at the Sotomayor hearings didn't make sure she wiggles her own mascara wand, because, you know, if she doesn't, she is following in the footsteps of some pretty radical women:


  1. Anonymous8:58 AM

    It improved sales for men's razors,

    why not use it for other markets?

    Marketing is BS, and we buy the BS, so until we stop buying it, they will push BS.


  2. Are you sure it wasn't engineered for double duty?

    Just askin'.

    Love ya,


    I'm thinking about getting one.

    If anyone would ring my PalPal box.

  3. Ooooh, that's hottt!

    Just imagine, one could be close-cropped, um, down there, then get all lengthened and curly and separated for those special occasions..., it vibrates!!!


  4. Just perfect for stabbing yourself in the eye! ... as if I need the help in making my mascara wand shake. Usually, I only apply mascara when I need to look glam (about four times a year, thank God) ... and I'm usually running late to glam events, which means that I'm in a rush, which means that I'm a quaking klutz with makeup, which means that I inevitably stab my eyeball, cheek or eyelid with the mascara wand, which means I don't need a frackin' vibrating mascara! :-D


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